Australian versus overseas hosting services

Web Hosting

With individuals and businesses wanting to create their own websites, it is very tempting to fall prey to cheap hosting services who only use offshore servers without being privy to the pitfalls that may follow.
So, what are the advantages of choosing an Australian based server accessible through a local hosting service provider, particularly, if your target market is aimed at a domestic audience?

Connection and Download Speeds:

The closer the location of the server to the end-user, the faster the connection and download speeds will be;

Security of Data:

When servers are domiciled overseas, your data is subject to often unknown foreign Government legislation and with that, comes less surety it will not be compromised and any redress sought, not guaranteed, a situation which is significantly mitigated when opting to use an Australian based facility.

Search Engines:

The job of search engines is to fundamentally source information on demand. The algorithms they use depend on several factors including the location of your Internet Protocol (IP) address and the domain name, eg., therefore, it stands to reason that if your target market is domestic, it will be much easier and faster for a potential consumer to find your business when you are linked to an Australian server courtesy of a hosting service provider based locally as well.

Support Services:

When something goes wrong, which inevitably it does and usually, at a very inopportune time, there is nothing worse than having to navigate the hurdles that come with contacting an overseas call centre, starting off with the language barrier and hour of the day.
Fortunately, these problems don’t exist when dealing with a locally based hosting service. Additionally, if your business was confronted with a major threat such data hacking, there is immediate help at hand through your service provider and assistance from dedicated Government departments and agencies set-up to handle complaints and if required, take action against rogue operators.

Backing Local Business:

With Australian based servers and hosting service providers being comparatively equal, if not better, than their offshore counterparts on price, delivery and quality of product, then surely it makes sense to back these local businesses and support our domestic economy, employment opportunities and a growing Information Technology industry rather than unknown entities in far away places.

In summary, the bottom line is that ridiculously cheap offers are too good to be true and will eventually come at a cost your business simply cannot afford, therefore, if you are looking for a hosting service based in Australia, or wish to shift from your current provider, get in touch to discuss your requirements and obtain a quote.